Smart money: Fast & Slow

We specialise in providing direct access to capital and assets across the high growth and high return sectors of technology and real estate.

Strength in Numbers

Incisive Capital is a UK-based investment consultancy & management firm; part of the Incisive Group of companies.

We facilitate capital raising for innovative ventures through our extensive investment panel & large private network of angel & syndicate investors alongside deployment of our own funds. We serve as a conduit for companies seeking equity or loan growth finance. We serve a curated & knowledgeable investment community seeking high quality qualified investment opportunities.

We specialise in smart money relationships where the investment blend is balanced to enable maximum rapid growth for founders & deliver enhanced returns to stake holders.

We enable deals across the investment spectrum, scale defined only by the growth objectives, requirements & aspiration of the investee business. Our sweet-spot for investment is post seed-funding (or post revenue) & pre-Series A; once a business has gone to market, achieved some initial traction and now seeks to scale-up rapidly. The majority of investments facilitated lie between £250,000 & £3,000,000. An interesting space offering exciting returns in which we perceive there to be an equity gap.

Our expertise in this area has led us to pioneer the term 'Balloonals' to refer to such companies - those which require the perfect injection and right mixture of gas to grow, expand & dominate markets heading towards exit or float. Too much or indeed the wrong type of gas & the company may sink or risk an over-inflated valuation damaging investor confidence. Too little at the wrong increments & they may never really get off the ground or could suffer an under-inflated valuation across the investment rounds, damaging existing shareholders through over-dilution.

Beyond this equity gap we use the term 'A-Listers' - fawned over by VCs/ PE and often the recipient of 'red carpet treatment' (occasionally flattering to deceive). Scale-up needs the best team possible for the each stage of your journey - which is where our 'smart money' ethos comes into play. It's crucial to get the right balance of your capital stack. This is the mix of senior/ junior/ mezzanine/ stretched/ venture or convertible debt in your business alongside the injections of equity investment. But it's not just about the cash. It's about added value. The right expertise at the right time. Alignment of investor objectives with everyone pulling in the same strategic direction across the distance.

What we look for:

The businesses we support tend to combine the following attributes:

Team – Passion. Experience. Commitment

Market – Buyer appetite. Product longevity. Extension (brand/ product/ sector)

Innovation – Competitive differentiation. Disruption. Exponential value. Technological advantage. Defensible Intellectual Property

Our Team

Our team has significant proven experience in investment management, consultancy & capital raising. Our senior long-standing & trusted relationships are predicated on our ability to facilitate high returns & strong results.

Our group sister company Incisive Edge is a renowned expert in the alignment & integration of marketing and sales supporting tech-led businesses with powerful go-to-market strategies; building market-share through Inbound Marketing, Digital PR and Revenue Performance Management (Conversion/ On-boarding/ Retention) to help deliver your potential. Investors deploy Incisive Edge to ensure their assets dominate markets and deliver strong returns. For an initial no cost consultation please contact

The Edge

Tech founders event series & community centred on smart capital across the scale-up landscape.

The EDGE was created to enable the best possible environment for the success of tech companies, supporting founders as they raise investment, scale-up & exit /float.

We have brought together some of the UK’s leading tech related service providers and advisors to support & deliver an exclusive events’ series and community for tech businesses. Membership is subject to approval and is reserved for post revenue technology business founders and investors. There is no charge. Events vary in format across the year and are invitation only. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PARTICIPATING


– Education & aspiration
– Senior peer to peer support and collaboration
– Sector leading advisory & insights
– Exclusive, high quality networking for tech leaders
– Access to smart capital investors
– Industry shaping research & debate
– Resources & benefits from supporting partners
– Founder stories - pitfalls and successes

For more information on events please see

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Important Information

Incisive Capital Ltd will, as part of our consultancy services to businesses seeking investment, share copies of an information memorandum (“IM”) which has been prepared in connection with a proposed subscription of shares in the Company with whom we are working.

The basis on which this occurs is outlined here.